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Megan Klosterman is a full-time student at the University of Kentucky double majoring in Art Studio and Arts Administration.  She also has a minor in French Language and Culture. 

Megan creates art based on how she perceives the world, beauty, and devastation. In most of her work, she experiments with balance and aesthetic qualities. She works primarily with print, photography, and digital media.

In addition to being an artist, Megan is in the early stages of starting a boutique Marketing and Public Relations business. Her business approaches problems and various needs of small businesses with artistic thought and principles of design.

Gallery Consultant : Megan Klosterman

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pBardo Art Gallery, LLC features contemporary art and photography from local and national artists in a quaint setting located one block from Woodland Park. Nestled in one of the oldest business districts in Lexington, Kentucky, pBardo Art Gallery, LLC is surrounded by boutiques, bookstores, a coffee shop, a yoga studio, as well as local food establishments. The gallery ranks high on walkability with its proximity to the University of Kentucky, Woodland Park, and downtown.

From small treasures to significant works, pBardo Art Gallery, LLC makes art accecessible to everyone. We welcome you and will help you choose the perfect piece for your home or business.